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What's Your Favorite Roast?

If you love coffee, you probably have a go-to coffee roast that you don't think twice about ordering.  But, do you know the difference between roast types? 

The length of time and degree to which the coffee beans are roasted are the most critical factors in creating each roast type.  The coffee beans start out green and are roasted to perfection to create your perfect cup of coffee.  The longer the coffee is roasted, the less caffeine it has making the darker roasts less caffeinated.  Here's a cheat sheet in case you feel like trying a different roast type, or if you're just not quite sure what to order:

Coffee Roast Types

Light- Light brown in color, this roast is low in acidity and body.  To achieve this roast type, the coffee beans are not roasted to the extent that it releases oils. Coffee drinkers that enjoy a lighter, more fruity cup of coffee should give this a try:
Donut Shop: Artisan Coffee by O'Neill Coffee

Medium- Medium brown in color, this roast is the coffee of choice in America. It has a stronger flavor with some acidity. This roast is also made with coffee beans that are not roasted enough to release oils. If you enjoy a more traditional cup of coffee, this could be your go-to. Try these coffees:
Jim's Signature Roast by O'Neill Coffee
Colombian Supremo: Artisan Coffee by O'Neill Coffee

Medium Dark- Dark brown in color, this roast is made with a coffee bean that is roasted enough to have a partially oily surface and a slightly bittersweet aftertaste. If your taste buds prefer a deeper flavor and a somewhat bittersweet taste, this might just be your roast. Try these coffees:
Crack of Dawn Breakfast Blend: Artisan Coffee by O'Neill Coffee
Costa Rican: Artisan Coffee by O'Neill Coffee

Dark- The darkest brown in color, this roast has many flavors from the roasting process, making it noticeably full and bold in flavor.  The coffee bean has a shiny surface.  If this is your preferred roast, check out these coffees:  
Roastmaster's Choice French Roast: Artisan Coffee by O'Neill Coffee
Lusso Italia: Artisan Coffee by O'Neill Coffee

How about those beans! And don't forget, at O'Neill, we don't offer coffee only.  If coffee isn't your cup of tea, we offer other beverages including tea (hot and iced) and hot chocolate! Check them out for yourself:


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