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We are excited to announce we will be making an upgrade and change to our POS system in April!

We worked very hard to find the best fit to meet our customers’ needs and to help us work some of the kinks out that our current system has.     We will have an improved app on a slightly different platform, you will be able to order drinks off our website, and we will have QR codes in the store so you can order drinks directly that way as well.

I know the first question everyone has……will I lose my points?    NO!!!!   We will be transitioning to a new rewards system, and your points will transfer as well.   

If I have a wallet will that continue?  We continue to work on that part, and we are looking to find a way to keep that.  We will keep you posted.   I PROMISE you if we are not able to continue that I will make sure your wallet money is returned to you!

WEBSITE CUSTOMERS:  There is one change that will affect you.   We will be closing down our old rewards system at the end of May.   Your points will always be in the system, but you will need to redeem them in our store.   From now until the end of May, if you have more points than can be taken in a transaction please type a note in the comments, PLEASE REEDEM ALL MY POINTS…..then we can take a look at your account and we will issue a credit so you receive all of your rewards.   I am looking at different systems for rewards on the website, and I will keep you posted.   

I do have one favor, please as we start down this path I ask for your patience.   We will work as hard as we can on our end to prepare, but I know we will run into things we just didn’t expect.   

As we get closer, I will have more updates.   If you have any questions, please ask and we will do our best to get you the correct answer!


Joe Walsh


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