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About O'Neill Coffee

In 1951, long before words like “artisan” and “gourmet” were used to describe coffee, Jim O’Neill set out to create the smoothest, richest cup anyone in Pennsylvania’s Shenango Valley had ever tasted. It didn’t take long before the uncommonly good flavor caught on, and soon he was loading up his delivery truck and serving the townspeople at local eateries, mills, schools and hospitals.

Over the years, Jim made sure that no matter how much the company grew, O’Neill Coffee was always crafted with the same dedication and passion. Today, we are still family owned, and we still begin with the finest beans the world has to offer. Just as Jim did in the early days, we roast our coffees with the utmost care, relying on the expertise of our roastmasters to tell us when the beans are ready. The result of all our painstaking precision is truly exceptional coffee, cup after cup, year after year.


You can enjoy the taste of O’Neill Coffee no matter where you live, thanks to our online store. Any of our 42 varieties of coffee can be shipped directly to your door anywhere in the United States. And if you’re ever in the neighborhood, be sure to stop by our retail shop in West Middlesex, Pennsylvania. The coffee’s always on!