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The Art of Roasting Specialty Blends


Roasting specialty coffee is not just a science of flavor; it’s an art form that requires understanding flavor profiles and a sense of balance. In this blog post, we will dive into the art of roasting specialty blends, exploring the intricacies of combining diverse flavor profiles and origins to create a harmonious and exceptional cup of coffee.


Understanding Flavor Profiles:

To create a successful specialty blend, a roaster must have an in-depth knowledge of the flavor profiles of individual coffee beans. Each origin possesses distinct characteristics, all influenced by soil composition, climate, altitude, and processing methods. For instance, Ethiopian beans often exhibit a bright acidity with fruity and floral notes, while Colombian coffee is known for its balanced acidity and caramel sweetness. A skilled roaster approaches the art of blending as an artist would with canvas and a palette of pigments. Rather, the roaster’s palette consists of different coffee origins and flavor profiles.


Blending Techniques:

  1. Contrast Blending: In contrast blending, the roaster intentionally combines beans with different flavor profiles to create a dynamic and exotic cup. This technique can be challenging but rewarding when used correctly. For example, a roaster might blend a high-acidity coffee with a low-acid coffee, which surprises and delights the palate. Additionally, blending flavor profiles such as a rich and chocolaty Sumatran Bean with a vibrant and citrusy Kenyan bean can create an intriguing flavor combination with contrasting notes.
  1. Complementary Blends: This approach involves combining beans with similar flavors to create a harmonious and balanced cup of coffee. For instance, blending a full-bodied Brazilian bean with a bright and acidic Ethiopian bean can result in a well-rounded and complex flavor profile. A roaster might also blend a bright and fruity African coffee with a nutty and chocolatey South American Coffee. The result is a well-rounded blend that offers the best of both words in flavor.
  1. Flavor Highlighting: Here, the roaster would focus on a specific flavor note or roast characteristic. If a roaster is looking to create a blend that incorporates bright and fruity flavors, they might select beans with floral, lemon, or berry flavors and fine-tune the blend to fit those qualities. We used this method to create our Wicked Revenge “Best served cold!” It is a perfect combination of Ethiopian Yirgacheffe and Kenya AA, made specifically for a flavorful and fruity cold brew coffee.


The Art of Roasting:

Roasting specialty bends requires careful consideration of various factors to achieve optimal results. The roast profile, including temperature, duration, and development time, plays a crucial role in achieving the desired flavor balance. The roaster’s expertise in controlling these variables is essential to unlocking the full potential of the blend while maintaining a cohesive flavor balance.


Cupping and Iteration:

Creating a successful specialty blend requires experimentation and iterative cupping. Cupping involves tasting and evaluating the coffee to assess its flavor, aroma, body, and overall quality. By cupping different variations of the blend, roasters can refine and adjust the proportions of the different beans to achieve the desired flavor balance. This process allows the roaster to test the previously stated methods of blending coffee and fine-tune the blend to their needs and desires.



Roasting specialty blends is a delicate art that requires an understanding of the individual flavor profiles of coffee beans, along with the creativity to blend them harmoniously. By exploring different blending techniques, leveraging the roaster's palette of diverse origins, and honing the roast profile, a roaster can create exceptional specialty blends that delight coffee lovers' palates. The art of roasting specialty blends is an ever-evolving journey, where experimentation, skill, and passion come together to create unique and memorable coffee experiences.  


New Specialty Blend!

Introducing our newest addition to our coffee lineup: an incredible specialty blend that's sure to impress even the most discerning coffee lovers. We've carefully crafted this blend by combining the finest Colombian Supremo beans with the distinctive flavors of Guatemalan coffee. Roasted to perfection at 412 degrees, it boasts a delightful blonde roast that will leave you craving another cup. This exceptional blend offers a harmonious balance of flavors, where the rich and robust notes of Colombian Supremo beautifully complement the smooth and sweet characteristics of the Guatemalan. Each sip reveals a symphony of tastes, aromas, and textures while bringing a bit of acidity. Get ready to embark on an exciting flavor adventure that will make your mornings truly remarkable.

Written by - Lucio Chrestay

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