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Private Label and Sourcing O'Neill Coffee

O’Neill Coffee has extensive experience with developing comprehensive private label coffee programs for both retail and foodservice applications. Every customer has different needs, the one thing we do is listen to what our customers are looking for, then we find ways to give them the coffees, packaging, and customer service that they need and deserve. We work with both large and small customers.  We offer a wide range of packaging options, and have suggestions and solutions depending on your volume.   


O’Neill Coffee works with a great group of coffee importers  that allow us to find amazing single origin specialty coffees. Our importers also work with the main coffee growing countries to give us the ability to blend different coffees to achieve the taste profiles our customers large and small desire. We also take the expertise of our experienced coffee roasters to create roast profiles to optimize each coffee blend to give each customer the coffee they are looking for.

Why Choose O’Neill Coffee Services

Four Generations ONeill CoffeeIn 1951, long before words like “artisan” and “gourmet” were used to describe coffee, Jim O’Neill set out to create the smoothest, richest cup anyone in Pennsylvania’s Shenango Valley had ever tasted. It didn’t take long before the uncommonly good flavor caught on, and soon he was loading up his delivery truck and serving the townspeople at local eateries, mills, schools and hospitals.

In 1970, Jim's nephew Joe Walsh joined the business and the business was able to expand into delivering coffee to offices, and opening our retail store.   In the early 1990's under the direction of Joe's son also named Joe, the Private Label division was started, and has continued to grow under his watch, with him taking over for his Dad in 1999 as President. The younger Walsh also at the end of 2017 acquired a local building which was remodeled to open a larger and more convenient retail store. Today, we are still family owned, and we still begin with the finest beans the world has to offer. Just as Jim did in the early days, we roast our coffees with the utmost care, relying on the expertise of our roastmasters to tell us when the beans are ready. The result of all our painstaking precision is truly exceptional coffee, cup after cup, year after year.  

Private Label History of O'Neill Coffee

We are excited that the tradition of making great coffee and taking great care of our customers will continue for many years to come with Joe's son Jonathan Walsh entering the business in 2018.   

Please give us a call 800-315-JAVA or email us and we would be glad to discuss your specific needs.