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O'Neill Coffee - New Location

It's official!  Our new store is up and running! 

It's with a great deal of gratitude that I share this message with you. Words can't express how grateful I am for all of the support we have received during our recent move.  None of this is possible without our loyal customers, staff, vendors and our local community.

I'm overwhelmed with a deep appreciation for the continued support of each of you.  O'Neill Coffee isn't as much about us as it is you, our staff, our community and each and every customer.

Thank you and I look forward to seeing you in-store or online.


Joe Walsh, President

New Location Menu:

12 oz.   16 oz.  20 oz.
Brewed Coffee: $1.39  $1.59   $1.79
Latte:  $2.90  $2.90  $4.25
Americano: $2.39 $2.90  $3.25
Cappuccino: $2.90   $3.60  $4.25
Flavor Syrup: $0.60/shot
Whip Cream: $0.60



Espresso: $2.00 $2.25
Mocha or Caramel Mocha: $4.50
Chai:  $3.25
Hot Chocolate - Ghiradelli: $3.55
Hot Tea:  $1.25
Cold Brew:  $2.50  
with flavor add  $0.60

Jet Tea Smoothie:

Mango or Strawberry


Frozen Blended:  

Mocha Freeze or Caramel Freeze



Frozen Cold Brew: $3.50



 Coming Soon: Joe-to-Go Boxes






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