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New In-Store Menu, Grand Opening Photos, and More!


We truly had a blast during our Grand Opening week, and want to sincerely thank each and every one of you for making it so special!

We gave away donuts and tote bags loaded with goodies to the first 50 customers each day, took selfies with our customers in our selfie booth, gave away free coffee mugs and $5 gift cards, held a $50 gift card giveaway and honored our Community workers with free coffee. We captured some of the celebration - take a look at the pictures below! 

We hope you took part in the fun, but if you didn't, stop by and visit us!

Check out our in-store menu:

12 oz.   16 oz.  20 oz.
Brewed Coffee: $1.39  $1.59   $1.79
Latte:  $2.90  $2.90  $4.25
Americano: $2.39 $2.90  $3.25
Cappuccino: $2.90   $3.60  $4.25
Flavor Syrup: $0.60/shot
Whip Cream: $0.60



Espresso: $2.00 $2.25
Mocha or Caramel Mocha: $4.50
Chai:  $3.25
Hot Chocolate - Ghiradelli: $3.55
Hot Tea:  $1.25
Cold Brew:  $2.50  
with flavor add  $0.60

Jet Tea Smoothie:

Mango or Strawberry


Frozen Blended:  

Mocha Freeze or Caramel Freeze



Frozen Cold Brew: $3.50



Coming Soon: Joe-to-Go Boxes

Here's some of the fun from our Grand Opening celebration:



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