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Happy National Hot Tea Month!

With the winter weather in full swing, it's the most perfect time to snuggle up with the perfect cup of tea! To celebrate National Hot Tea Month, we're taking $1 off of our O'Neill Hot Tea! Shop online today!

Here at the retail store, we have several types of tea from Stash Tea and Bigelow as well as everyone's favorite - O'Neill Hot Tea. The O'Neill Tea is a delicious  blend of Orange Pekoe and Pekoe Cut black tea and is a smooth, full flavor tea.  We are also carrying the infamous Bromley Decaf tea.  This decaf tea is so flavorful, you won't believe it is decaf!

In the Stash Tea line, we carry approximately 40 flavors, and as new flavors become available, we add them or at the very least - we give them a try!  Summer time will find us offering a variety of "Summer teas"  to make ice tea for those hot summer days.

Our Bigelow line now consists of the Steep Line.  This is a line of premium, organic, all-natural teas. Although there are 13 of these teas available, we currently have approximately 8 flavors to try.  As time goes on and sales increase, we will add different ones to try until we find everyone's favorite.

Not only do we have these wonderful teas for you to try, we also have cute little squirrels or bunnies to hold your tea bag on your cup and also have the little tea pot-shaped saucers for after you have steeped your tea, to place the tea bag on. In addition, we added a few tea pots for those who enjoy a pot of tea. The tea accessories are available in the retail store - so check them out the next time you stop in.

Not a tea lover?  That's ok, too!  We still have a full line of our delicious coffees and  hot chocolates for you to enjoy.  And when you stop in, go ahead and check out our "to go" beverages!  We've added a few new flavors!  Most all of our drinks are available in either hot or cold.  Have you tried the Frosty Turtle? or our Mocha's?  We even have several flavored Hot Cocoas that are available by the cup. You may also grab a cup and sit for a spell as we do have seating available.

It may be freezing outside, but here at O'Neill Coffee, we have all the hot coffees, hot teas and hot cocoas available - sure to warm you up!

Stop by today! We'll have the coffee on -- or tea -- or hot cocoa!!
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